2008 MTC Paull Mines Award

Jim Peters Receives 2008 MTC Paull Mines Award


On July 30, 2008, Jim Peters was presented with the first annual Paull Mines Award for Contribution to State Tax Jurisprudence. The Commission is pleased to recognize Jim’s outstanding contributions to state and local tax legal practice. Jim began his career as a private practitioner.  He then worked 28 years for AT&T, spanning the period of the AT&T breakup. Later, Jim was counsel with McDermott, Will & Emery. He then worked for the California Franchise Tax Board for a number of years before retiring. Throughout his career, Jim gave selflessly of his time and intellect as a professor at New York University Law School, Editor of the Journal of Taxation, and chairman of many state tax committees and organizations, including Tax Executives Institute, Counsel on State Taxation, and the American Bar Association’s State and Local Tax committee. Jim also served on several advisory boards, including State Tax Notes and Prentis Hall. 

Jim’s thoughtful research and commentary—through more than one hundred publications—has been illuminating the nooks and crannies of the state and local tax field for more than five decades and has raised the level of discourse across the entire tax profession. Jim continues to devote his enormous talent and energy to fostering cooperation and shared knowledge among state tax attorneys.

The Commission established the Paull Mines Award for Contribution to State Tax Jurisprudence to honor the memory and achievements of Paull Mines, who served as MTC general counsel for eight years until his death in 2002. Paull was a recognized authority on state taxation, with a unique and rich perspective developed over a long career involving work from multiple vantage points, including state government, tribal government, private practice, and academics. The award annually recognizes an attorney who has made significant contributions to state tax jurisprudence, and who exemplifies Paull’s qualities of leadership, legal excellence, and professional integrity in the best traditions of the profession.


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