Multistate Voluntary Disclosure Application

Multi-state Voluntary Disclosure Program

Application for Multi-state Voluntary Disclosure

You may apply for multi-state voluntary disclosure in one of three formats.

  1. The Online Application allows you to apply via a secure website. You list the states and tax types and the application customizes itself to solicit only the information needed for those states and tax types. You enter data only once no matter how many states you are applying to. The software transmits the data to the Commission securely through a virtual private network (VPN).
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  2. The PDF format is a document that you download, fill in, and return to the Commission. You cannot change the wording of the questions. If you choose this format you will need to send a separate application (a separate PDF document) for each state you are applying to. The easiest way to use this document is to fill in the information common to all application states, create a separate computer file for each, then fill in the information unique to each state and e-mail the lot to the Commission at
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  1. Applicants who do not want to use the online application but nevertheless want to submit their data via a secure connection may do either of the following:
a)  Request that Commission staff establish a secure internet connection for you.  This is a quick and easy process that can be available to you throughout the voluntary disclosure procedure if you want it.

Write your application files to a CD, other electronic storage medium, or paper, and send it to the Commission by mail, common carrier, or in-person delivery.

To reach National Nexus Program by mail:

National Nexus Program
Multistate Tax Commission
444 N. Capitol Street, Suite 425
Washington, DC 20001

To reach National Nexus Program by phone or e-mail:

Phone: (202) 695-8140