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NOTE – Our regular website is being reconstructed and will be offline for a few weeks. It was among a group of websites using the same content management system (CMS) which unfortunately had a vulnerability that was exploited to crash the host server. While we were not directly attacked, this vulnerability makes it very unwise to keep deploying the website until it can be rebuilt using a more secure CMS and hosting platform. We will be using these temporary webpages to make current and high-demand content available in the meantime. If you are looking for specific content temporarily unavailable, please contact us.

Recent Updates

  • Uniform Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate - Multijurisdiction
  • Multistate Voluntary Disclosure Application
  • About Us

    The Multistate Tax Commission works on behalf of states and taxpayers to equitably and efficiently administer tax laws that apply to multistate and multinational enterprises. It is an intergovernmental state tax agency created in 1967 by states enacting the Multistate Tax Compact and consists of compact and other member states that participate in and support the Commission’s activities.

    Our mission is to promote uniform and consistent tax policy and administration among the states, assist taxpayers in achieving compliance with existing tax laws, advocate for state and local sovereignty in the development of tax policy.

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