MultiTax Commission

An intergovernmental state tax agency whose mission is to promote uniform and consistent tax policy and administration among the states, assist taxpayers in achieving compliance with existing tax laws, and advocate for state and local sovereignty in the development of tax policy.

Career Information Websites

Accounting Career Information provides a free-use guide to accounting scholarships andother financial aid. Their library of guides includes other areas of accounting interest such as career options, state guides, and a job board. is not affiliated with the Multistate Tax Commission.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting –

Guide to a Master’s Degree in Accounting –

Pursuing a Ph.D. in Accounting –

Guide to Financial Aid for Accounting –

Guide to Accounting Careers –

Guide to Accounting in District of Columbia –

Accounting Job Board – offers a broad range of guides, rankings, and articles focused on accounting education and the professional field of accounting. is not affiliated with the Multistate Tax Commission.

Accounting Degree Review –

Public Administration Career Guides

The Public Administration Career Guides is to help job seekers, professionals, and students understand the changing landscapes of these programs and their impact on careers and employment. You can view the guides here: