SU Subcommittee Agenda 3/2009

Uniformity & Subcommittees


Uniformity Committee Meeting
Sales and Use Tax Uniformity Subcommittee
Courtyard Marriott Nashville Downtown
170 Fourth Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Call-In Number: (866) 381-9862
Conference Code: 5364110

Agriculture and Commerce

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I. Welcome and Introductions
II.  Public Comment Period
III. Reports and Updates
  A. Report on Commission Action on Uniformity Projects (if any)
  Federal Issues Affecting State Taxation
    1. Streamlined Sales Tax Legislation
    2. Cell Phone Tax Moratorium
    3. State Video Tax Fairness
    4. Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Rules for VoIP
    5. S. 43, Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act of 2009
IV. Telecommunications Transactions Administration Project
  A. Review of Memorandum and Other Materials
B. Public Comment
C. Committee Discussion
V. Accommodations Intermediaries Project
  A. Memorandum and Amended Proposal
B. Public Comment
C. Committee Discussion and Possible Action
VI. Conformity of MTC Model Statutes and Regulations to Streamlined Sales & Use Tax  Agreement - Model Guideline on Applicability of Sales and/or Use Tax to Sales of Computer Software
  A. Review of Memorandum and Draft Amendments
B. Public Comment
C. Committee Discussion
VII. New Business
VIII.  Adjoun

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