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One expressed purpose of the Multistate Tax Compact is to "promote uniformity or compatibility in significant components of tax systems." Consistent with this aim, important information regarding uniformity will be made available on the MTC website, under this heading.

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Current Uniformity Projects

The following are uniformity recommendations to the States currently under development by the Multistate Tax Commission under authority of Article VI and Article VII  of the Multistate Tax Compact. Some draft recommendations listed in the tables are hypertext links to an Adobe Acrobat (".pdf" format) copy of the complete document.

Readers may wish to consult a description, available here, of the uniformity recommendation development process. It may provide a more complete understanding of the status of recommendations at the various steps of the development process. Readers who have not linked from there may also wish to visit the home page of the Uniformity section of this site for a discussion of the role that uniformity efforts play in the Multistate Tax Commission's overall mission and links to materials on adopted uniformity recommendations.

The Commission welcomes public participation in its uniformity recommendation development process.


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