2015 Draft Resolutions


2015 Draft Resolutions

The 2015 Resolutions Committee is pleased to present to the Executive Committee and Commission the following draft policy statements and resolutions for consideration. Note: All documents will be in Adobe Acrobat  format.


  • Resolution No. 2015-01:  Resolution Regarding Tax Fairness in the Proposed Federal Extension of the Moratorium on Taxation of Internet Access
  • Resolution No. 2015-02:  Resolution Recommending to States the ABA Model Transactional Tax Overpayment Act


Honorary Resolutions

Resolutions No. 2015A - 2015I can be found here.

  • Resolution No. 2015A:  Appreciation of the Washington State Department of Revenue, Host of the 2015 Annual Meeting
  • Resolution No. 2015B:  In Recognition of Frank Hales, Audit Committee Chair, and Lee Baerlocher, Audit Committee Vice-Chair
  • Resolution No. 2015C:  In Recognition of Clark Snelson, Incoming Litigation Committee Chair, Marshall Stranburg, Outgoing Chair and Incoming Co-Vice Chair, and Mark Wainwright, Co-Vice Chair
  • Resolution No. 2015D:  In Recognition of Lennie Collins, Nexus Committee Chair
  • Resolution No. 2015E:  In Recognition of Wood Miller, Uniformity Committee Chair, Robynn Wilson, Income and Franchise Tax Uniformity Subcommittee Chair, and Richard Cram, Sales and Use Tax Uniformity Subcommittee Chair
  • Resolution No. 2015F:  Special Appreciation of Robyn Wilson, Departing Chair of the Income and Franchise Tax Uniformity Subcommittee
  • Resolution No. 2015G:  In Appreciation of Joe W. Garrett, Jr., Chair of the Arm’s-Length Adjustment Service Advisory Group
  • Resolution No. 2015H:  In Appreciation of R. Bruce Johnson Utah State Tax Commission, 1998-2014
  • Resolution No. 2015I:  In Appreciation of Joe Huddleston Executive Director, 2005-2015