Studies and Reports

Studies and Reports

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 Corporate Tax Sheltering

Corporate Tax Sheltering Linked to as Much as $12.4 Billion in Lost State Tax Revenues

July 15, 2003 - Press Release on MTC Report

July 15, 2003 - Report from the Multistate Tax Commission

May 11, 2004 - Press Release - MTC on HR3220

May 13, 2004 - MTC Statement on HR3220

September 26, 2005 - NGA on the Impact of HR1956

Executive Summary   Full Report

July 25, 2006 - Dan R. Bucks Testimony on S.2721


 Internet Tax Moratorium Revenue Impact

MTC Study on the Impact of Internet Tax Moratorium on State and Local Revenues

 September 24, 2003 - News Release

September 24, 2003 - Report from the Multistate Tax Commission


 Federalism at Risk

A National Inquiry and Dialogue on the Status of State and Local Tax Systems and the Future of Federalism

Executive Summary and Overview

Full Report of Federalism at Risk Seminar Series

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