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For additional information regarding the Committees, please contact the Multistate Tax Commission.

2012 Draft Resolutions

The 2012 Resolutions Committee is pleased to present to the Executive Committee and Commission the following draft policy statements and resolutions for consideration. (Note: All documents will be in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.)

Honorary Resolutions

Resolutions No. 2012A - 2012E can be found here.

  • Resolution No. 2012A: Appreciation of the Michigan Department of Treasury Host of the 2012 Annual Meeting.
  • Resolution No. 2012B: In Recognition of Janielle Lipscomb, Audit Committee Chair, and Rick DeBano, Audit Committee Vice-Chair
  • Resolution No. 2012C: In Recognition of Marshall Stranburg, Litigation Committee Chair, Mark Wainwright and Clark Snelson, Litigation Committee Co-Vice Chairs
  • Resolution No. 2012D: In Recognition of Lennie Collins, Nexus Committee Chair.
  • Resolution No. 2012E: In Recognition of Wood Miller, Uniformity Committee Chair, Robynn Wilson, Income and Franchise Tax Subcommittee Chair, and Richard Cram, Sales and Use Tax Subcommittee Chair.