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Statistical Sampling References

Highly Recommended

  • Sampling Techniques, William Cochran, John Wiley and Sons, 1977.
  • Statistical Auditing, Donald A Roberts, AICPA, 1978.

General References for Audit Sampling

  • Accounting Estimates by Computer Sampling, Maurice S Newman, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982.
  • AICPA SAS 39 - Audit Guide.
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  • Statistical Sampling in Sales and Use Tax Audits, Will Yancey, CCH, 2002.

Survey Sampling Books

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Other Statistical References

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Manuals and Training Course Material on Audit Sampling

  • IRS Training Publication: Advanced Statistical Sampling, Training 3174-002 (Rev05-92) TPDS 87030A.
  • Audit Manual, Chapter 13, Statistical Sampling; Sales and Use Tax, California State Board of Equalization, January 2000.
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  • RAT-STATS User Guide, Department of Health & Human Services, OIG – Office of Audit Services, October 1998.
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  • Statistical Sampling for Sales and Use Tax Audits, Tennessee Department of Revenue, Audit Division, Revised, April 1999.
  • Statistical Sampling Manual, Washington Department of Revenue, March 2002.


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