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Multistate Tax Compact

Article VII. Uniform Regulations and Forms

1. Whenever any two or more party States or subdivisions of party States have uniform or similar provisions of law relating to an income tax, capital stock tax, gross receipts tax, or sales or use tax, the Commission may adopt uniform regulations for any phase of the administration of such law, including assertion of jurisdiction to tax or prescribing uniform tax forms. The Commission may also act with respect to the provisions of Article IV of this compact.

2. Prior to the adoption of any regulation, the Commission shall:

(a) As provided in its bylaws, hold at least one public hearing on due notice to all affected party States and subdivisions thereof and to all taxpayers and other persons who have made timely request of the Commission for advance notice of its regulation-making proceedings.

(b) Afford all affected party States and subdivisions and interested persons an opportunity to submit relevant written data and views, which shall be considered fully by the Commission.

3. The Commission shall submit any regulations adopted by it to the appropriate officials of all party States and subdivisions to which they might apply. Each such State and subdivision shall consider any such regulation for adoption in accordance with its own laws and procedures.