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Multistate Tax Compact

Article III. Elements of Income Tax Laws

Taxpayer Option, State and Local Taxes.

1. Any taxpayer subject to an income tax whose income is subject to apportionment and allocation for tax purposes pursuant to the laws of a party State or pursuant to the laws of subdivisions in two or more party States may elect to apportion and allocate his income in the manner provided by the laws of such States or by the laws of such States and subdivisions without reference to this compact, or may elect to apportion and allocate in accordance with Article IV. This election for any tax year may be made in all party States or subdivisions thereof or in any one or more of the party States or subdivisions thereof without reference to the election made in the others. For the purposes of this paragraph, taxes imposed by subdivisions shall be considered separately from State taxes, and the apportionment and allocation also may be applied to the entire tax base. In no instance wherein Article IV is employed for all subdivisions of a State may the sum of all apportionments and allocations to subdivisions within a State be greater than the apportionment and allocation that would be assignable to that State if the apportionment or allocation were being made with respect to a State income tax.

Taxpayer Option, Short Form.

2. Each party State or any subdivision thereof which imposes an income tax shall provide by law that any taxpayer required to file a return whose only activities within the taxing jurisdiction consist of sales and do not include owning or renting real estate or tangible personal property and whose dollar volume of gross sales made during the tax year within the State or subdivision, as the case may be, is not in excess of $100,000 may elect to report and pay any tax due on the basis of a percentage of such volume and shall adopt rates which shall produce a tax which reasonably approximates the tax otherwise due. The Multistate Tax Commission, not more than once in five years, may adjust the $100,000 figure in order to reflect such changes as may occur in the real value of the dollar, and such adjusted figure, upon adoption by the Commission, shall replace the $100,000 figure specifically provided herein. Each party State and subdivision thereof may make the same election available to taxpayers additional to those specified in this paragraph.


3. Nothing in this Article relates to the reporting or payment of any tax other than an income tax.