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Automated Audit Program Software Project

The MTC Technology Committee is seeking information from interested vendors regarding computer software to be used for case management by its Joint Audit Program.  NOTE:  Notwithstanding the date indicated in the RFI, the deadline for responses has been extended to March 15, 2010.

 Click here to obtain a copy of the Request for Information (RFI).

Vendor Questions and Commission Responses

1. What is the average number of nominations received each year?

  • We receive about 24 nominations for each tax a year.

2. How many audits are conducted each year by MTC?

  • The MTC has about 35 sales tax audits and 24 income tax audits in progress during a year. We complete on an average of 14 sales and 10 income tax audits a year.

3. Are all MTC audits conducted by MTC staff?

  • All audits are conducted by MTC staff.

4. Are any state staff ever involved in conducting MTC audits?

  • A state may be asked to supply certain information during an audit. Also each state has a contact our auditors may ask for interpretation of a statute.

5. How many states are typically involved in each audit?

  • The average participation rate for sales tax is 12 and the average for income tax is 16.

6. Does the MTC have a standard productivity package that each auditor uses?

  • The MTC uses for several criteria to measure the auditor’s productivity. We have a monthly time sheet which tracks auditor hours on a particular audit. Each auditor submits a monthly summary of the work conducted in a particular month. Each completed audit is rated by each state and reported back to the MTC Audit Director. We also measure the number of hours per state per audit.

7. Please provide a description of “other commercial individual auditor productivity package solutions”.

  • We are using no other commercial product at this time; we are generally referring to currently available field audit support software products that are used by some states.

8. Does the MTC have a specific set of criteria in which is used to evaluate audit potential?

  • During the nomination process each state will evaluate the audit potential and report this to the MTC Audit Director. This information is summarized by the MTC and reported back to the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee uses this information in selecting MTC audit inventory.