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Public Participation Policy

As amended July 24, 2013

Table of Contents

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 Section 1 Statement of Policy; Open proceedings; Citation of Policy
 Section 2 “Multistate Tax Commission”; “Commission”; “Commission member”; “Commission body”; “Member State”; and “Day”
 Section 3 Providing copy of policy to members of the Commission or Commission bodies
 Section 4 "Action taken"  
 Section 5 Required open and public meetings
 Section 6 Prohibited conditions of attendance
 Section 7 Recording proceedings
 Section 8 Notice of meeting
 Section 9 Agenda and other "writing" as public record; Inspection
 Section 10 Public participation in regulations and uniformity proposals
 Section 11 Public report of action taken regarding public employee
 Section 12 Conditions for taking action on items not appearing on posted agenda
 Section 13 Emergency meetings
 Section 14 Opportunity for public to address the Commission
 Section 15 Permitted closed sessions; Lawyer-client privilege
 Section 16 Minute book of closed session
 Section 17 Statement of reasons and authority for closed session
 Section 18 Clearing room where meeting willfully interrupted
 Section 19 Commission bodies subject to policy
 Section 20 When closed sessions held
 Section 21 Continuance or recontinuance of hearing
 Section 22 Annual meetings for comments on Commission and multistate tax issues
 Section 23 Fees
 Section 24 Complaints regarding public participation policy
 Section 25 Prohibition against use of certain facilities
 Section 26 Prohibition against closed sessions except as expressly authorized
 Section 27 Maintenance of mailing lists
 Section 28 Maintenance of description of Commission committees and other groups